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Why quality newborn photography is so expensive?

As a newborn photographer, we often see parents making remarks on social media that some newborn photographer’s charges are unreasonable, overcharging & “rip-off”.


As some might aware, newborn session price exceeds a regular family session.


Why does newborn photography cost so much?

Because newborn photography is a specialty, it is an art. It is a professional skill. Professional newborn photography does in fact cost a lot more than other types of family sessions, and here’s why…


1. Training

We have invested a lot in newborn posing and safety workshops. And we are constantly attending more to continually learn and improve. This is because we take the utmost care when working with your precious newborn baby. Please choose someone who is trained and experienced to handle your fragile and precious new baby.


2. Time

There is Pre-session communication with family to discuss details.


Prepping for the session

Whether is setting up in studio or packing for home session. We match every single props on each style setting for the best possible result.


Session Time

Newborn photography takes so much more time. A typical family session can be achieved between 30 mins to an hour. But the average newborn session itself can take up to 3 hours or more. Why? Because babies don’t just arrived ready. We have to feed and soothe baby to sleep. This process can take from 10 mins to 30 mins or more. Once baby is settled, we start the session but in between, we move from posing, soothing, re-positioning, soothing, changing styles, soothing, cleaning messes, cuddling and most likely another feeding and more soothing. Those who have seen us work, know it takes a lot of patience to get every tiny finger and toe into the perfect position.


Post Session

Studio and prop clean up. We always sanitise all our props to ensure cleanliness and safety for your newborn.


There is so much more involved than showing up with a smile.

3. Editing

The amount of time spent on editing is more consuming than any other session. We all have this ideal picture in our head of newborns with creamy smooth skin when in reality, it is just the opposite. Newborn skin can be red, yellow, purple, blotchy or covered with acne. So so many hours of work goes to creating the dreamy flawless finished product that you receive.

4. Props

Newborn props are very very costly. As we only use the best quality props imported from US, Europe and Australia. Because we asked ourselves, will we use rough fabric or unknown props which is laden with chemical toxic on our own baby? Of course the answer is NO. So we treat every baby the same, only the best and most delicate props are used. We are upfront with listing our trusty vendors in every Facebook post. And we are always bringing in one of a kind, new & special props to make your baby the cutest. 


5. Flexibility

Babies come on their own timeline. We can plan and pick dates all we want but they show up when they are good and ready. We cannot fix any date on our calendar until a baby is actually born. Hence we only take in limited number of sessions per month, and so we can do our best in each session.

We are giving the best possible service to our clients. There are no 2 ways about it. Why some charge so much less? Everyone’s expenses and cost is different. Some don’t use assistant for safety during session. Some never go for training. Some use subpar props. Sadly true. It is either cheap with lots of clients, or more pricey with less clientele.

Our priority is quality & baby’s safety.


Many people have the misconception that newborn photography is simple but it is really not.


Being parents ourselves, we do understand the extra financial burden and so we try to have our packages as reasonable as possible.

Good photography isn’t cheap, cheap photography isn’t good. We strongly urge any potential clients, whether you decide to use CloudChew Photography or not (which we really hope you do! ♥) to really consider the delicate nature, experience and quality of equipment & props used to create these wonderful images for you. Especially when you put your trust and precious newborn into the hands of your photographer. Your baby will only be a newborn once and there is absolutely no do over…

-CloudChew Photography

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